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Exploring Communication.

 We believe that visual communication is the future, and we're passionate about using it to help people connect with each other. Our team is made up of talented filmmakers, writers, web-developers and animators who are dedicated to creating high-quality projects that capture your unique voice. 

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Who we are.

We used to work at creative agencies. It was the kind of place where the days were long, the coffee was strong, and the crumpled creative briefs were never-ending. We were good at our jobs, but we realized that we were never going to be able to change the world working within the confines of traditional marketing. So, we decided to leave and start our own company. Our focus is on building a team that is creative, strategic, and constantly looking for new ways to solve problems.  We believe that these concepts are the foundation of any good marketing project. And so far, our clients seem to agree with us. They're happy with the work we're doing, and we're happy to be doing what we love. It may not be the traditional path, but it's certainly the more rewarding one.


At our visual marketing agency, we pride ourselves on our creativity and strategic thinking. We believe that great marketing doesn't just sell products - it tells a story and creates an emotional connection with the consumer.

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Video Production

2D & 3D Animation

Website Design

Event Production

Paid Media Advertising

Alexa Young, CA

“Working with Zeit House made me look like a rockstar, they absolutely blew my mind with their creativity"

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We are the future of visual communication.
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